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Ted Ngai


Ted Ngai is the founder of atelier nGai, an interdisciplinary research, design, and development laboratory, where he and his team develop advanced prototyping systems that explore the physiology of architectural, urban, and ecological environments. His main research area is titled Ecophysiological Architecture, a topic he had developed to explore the conceptual and physical contiguity of intelligent macromolecular systems, computational systems, and building systems. He served as one of the Principals at the Center for Architecture, Science, and Ecology at RPI, where he led and participated in the development of several novel technologies, and he served as a Ph.D co-advisor specializing in simulation, prototyping, control system, and architectural computation. His individual and collaborative work has won many awards including Good Green Design Award in 2010, Research & Development Award in 2009, Honorable Mention for Boston Society of Architects In Pursuit of Housing Design Award in 2005, and AIA Next LA Award in 2001.

The work has also been published widely including Building Envelopes: An Integrated Approach by Princeton Architectural Press, New Directions: Sustainability and Technology in New York by A+U Architecture and Urbanism Magazine, Smart Surfaces and their Applications in Architecture and Design by Birkhäuser, Young Architects 9: PROOF, Architectural League of New York by Princeton Architectural Press.

  Harvard University, Master of Architecture

Southern California Institute of Architecture, Bachelor of Architecture

Website: www.tedngai.net


2012 Fall

  • ARCH4980 – Final Project:
  • ARCH6990 – Master’s Thesis

2012 Spring

2011 Fall

2011 Spring

  • ARCH4250/4260.OC – (CASE) Architecture Design 5&6
  • ARCH4965.OC – (CASE) Environmental Parametrics


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