2011-12 FP_Leitao Section

Final Project | Carla Leitao, Adjunct Professor

Cloud Disassembly
Games, Cities, and Time-off

FP Students 2011-12 – Carla Leitao Section

Elizabeth Saunier
Philip Vernon (*)
Jenni Wilga
(*) Peck Prize selection

The CLOUD DISASSEMBLY Thesis Section looks into future architectures that can disassemble other structures as well as themselves – questioning the paradigm of the building as unity, and focusing on concepts of synthetic material character, assembly, micro-intelligence, local and remote sensitivity, and temporary characters of architectural space. As well, the section discusses the Anthropocene – the new geological layer made essentially by man – inquiring on ways to situate the practice within a context that is transitioning from urban planning paradigms based on growth to approaches that engage continuous transformation.

Main themes researched and explored the Assembling/Disassembling of the Event – ‘active erosion structures’ for temporary spaces that impact large urban places – such as the relation between games (ex. the Olympic Games) and densely inhabited/appropriated spaces, or cities.

The section inquired on relationships between materially induced environmental/ambient/weather behavior, and programmatic events that triggered or were present in assembly and disassembly processes. The section also presented an opportunity to rethink the figure of the ruin in architecture culture: man-made structures which are midway conquered by, or left to, natural forces.


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