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As in the past semester, Casey Rehm will be available for studio and student specific workshops or assistance on Friday’s from 11-5.  Please contact him at to schedule a meeting. Additionally, this semester Fleet Hower will be available to additional assistance on Monday’s from 4-6pm.

Fall 2012 Workshop Schedule

Block 1 08/29, 08/30:  Topology and Form – An introduction to polygonal and subdivision modeling through the translation of figural analysis into proto-architectural tectonics in Maya

Block 2 09/05, 09/06:  Temporal Implications – An introduction to the use of animation as both perceptual and morphological technique in Maya

Block 3 09/12, 09/13:  Intensive Surfacing – An exploration in the use of contemporary texturing and 3d painting tools to produce a dialogue between form and surface articulation.  Students will utilize MudBox and Maya

Block 4 09/19, 09/20:  Fractal Tectonics – An introduction to recursion as a producer of scalable articulation through the use of Python in Rhino/Grasshopper

Block 5 09/26. 09/27:  Complex Behaviors – An introduction to non-linear methods through the use of Python/Grasshopper in Rhino to deploy tectonic components.

Block 6 10/3, 10/4:  Drawing Machines – An exploration in non-linear automatons as in introduction to Processing.

Block 7 10/10, 10/11: Mapping Intensities – An exploration in the representation and materialization of complex data sets interfacing tables with Processing.

Block 8 10/18, 10/25: Inhabiting Complexity – Students will construct self organizing and repsonsive systems in augmented reality utilizing the Kinect sensor platform with Processing to extend the real time experiential condition of architecture beyond the physical.

Block 9 11/7, 11/8: Robots! – An introduction to the Arduino programming language to drive experiments in physical computing.

Block 10 11/15, 11/28, 11/29: Simulation and Optimization – Exploration in the utility of evolutionary optimization and physics engines as a generator of form in Grasshopper with the free plugins galapagos and kangaroo.


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