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Peter RH Stark


 Dr. Stark is an assistant professor at the School of Architecture at Rensselaer and at the School of  Science in the Department of Physics, Applied Physics and Astronomy. He works closely with teams both at CASE, the Center for Architecture Science and Ecology in New York City and in Troy. Currentresearch includes collaborators from the departments of physics, mechanical engineering, aeronautical engineering, electrical engineering, material science and architecture. He holds patents in such diverse fields as high resolution rheology, viral inactivation, and sub diffraction limited photolithography and super resolution fluorescent microscopy. He teaches classes that link fundamental and applied physics to the built environment and ecology. He strongly believes that such material be taught through derivation and examples following. He is currently writing a text book on that subject for graduate students in the fields of architecture and building science. For his work he has received grants from the US Department of Energy, National Institutes of Health, Defense Advanced Research Programs Agency, US Army, Zeiss GmbH, Intel Corporation and other state, federal and private agencies.


2012 Fall

  • ARCH4968 – Built Ecologies I
  • ARCH6810 – Research Design Seminar
  • ARCH6961 – Doctoral Seminar

2012 Spring

  • ARCH6900 – Graduate Thesis Seminar
  • ARCH6941 – Doctoral Seminar

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