Tue Feb, 6 pm @ The Greene Gallery, RICHARD OFF (Browns Fellow 2010) will present:


Innovative High-Rise Development & Hyper-Dense Urbanism In Southeast Asia.

Kuala Lumpur + Singapore / Hong Kong + Shanghai

The developing nations of China and Malaysia are emerging as industrial powers, and their foremost cities are building extensive skylines which prominently express this status. Hong Kong, Singapore, situated as peripheral city-states, are also among the primary financial capitals of the region, but as small island nations they have little space to build, forcing these cities to expand upwards, creating conditions of hyper-density. This combination of global economic forces, local geographic pressures, and ever-expanding populations has made Southeast Asia the new center of gravity for vertical urbanism, and also led to the construction of some of the more structurally innovative and ecologically responsive skyscrapers in the world. Journey to the cities of this region enables an analysis of the formal and experiential qualities of a vertical city fabric and its public interfaces, as well an evaluation of recent typological developments in high-rise building.

Richard William Off – Browns Fellow 2010
Bachelor of Architecture 2010 (Rensselaer – Architecture)
Masters – Architecture & Urban Design 2012 (Columbia – GSAPP)


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