Digital Sessions S’2013

@ Digital Futures Lab, 7-9PM.

Greene Building 2nd Floor. All session are from 7-9PM. All dates are tentative per school conflicts. Please refer to the weekly emails for exact dates. Contact  with any questions.


PROCEDURAL TECTONICS > 1/30 – 1/31: An introduction to the use of Grasshopper’s analysis and recursive features for the production of generative.

MORPHODYNAMICS > 2/6 – 2/7: An introduction to polygon modeling in Maya and utilizing Maya Dynamics for the production of form.

SIMULATION AND FORM > 2/13: Expanding on week one sessions. Students well utilize the Kangaroo pluging as form-finding tool.

CODED INTENTIONS > 2/ 21: Intro to Python / Maya as a tool for materializing complex systems and for translating painterly techniques into surface transformation.

MODELING IN 3D MAX > 2/27 – 2/28: Intro to polygonal modeling and parametric transformers in 3Ds Max

VISUALIZATION IN 3D MAX > 3-27 – 3/28: Intro to Mentalray in 3Ds Max for still image and animation production.

BIM > 4/4: Intro to modeling and document production in Revit

STRUCTURAL MOTIVATIONS > 4/17 – 4/18: Linking the Robot Analysis software to Grasshopper in Rhino.

DATA VISUALIZATION > 4/24 – 4/25: Utilizing Processing to visualize complex data sets in real time.

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