FP_Leitao / Keller 13-14

Final Project | Carla Leitao, Adjunct Professor + Ed Keller, Adjunct Professor


FP Students 2013-14 – Carla Leitao Section

Matthew Boland
Parker Bunce (1)
Krista Glanville
Robert Gorman (1)
Kenneth Lush
Caitlyn McCabe
Anita Rodgers
Matt Sokol
Michael Stradley
Matthew Taylor, MArch
Hyatt Tortorella
Jason Wang
Brenna Weisstender
(1) Awards Review selected student

Architecture, often without realizing, has always been a planetary design problem not only through its ecological impact as a practice in the construction of environments – but also through its constant suggestion of an emerging synthesis that reconnects man, inhabitability, and space making, as intellectual and cultural exercises that highlight the continuing questions of the relationship between humanity and its space.

We will be developing the instruments/tools/machines/spaces that simultaneously offer inhabitability and ‘terraforming’.

To do this, we will focus on 3 new (arqui-bio-tech) species that allow new connections to be made across ecosystems, cultural and social spaces.”




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