Kallipoliti and Axel (’10) to discuss Volume #46 Shelter

Assistant Professor Lydia Kallipoliti and alumni Nick Axel (class of 2010) will participate as part of Volumme #46 release at the Storefront for Art and Architecture’s Definition Series: Shelter, Not Shelter. Kallipoliti publishes the article “Pieces of Nature and the Architecture of Closed Worlds” in Volume #46, issue on “Shelter.”

The concept of shelter is an architectural stigma, and perhaps for good reason. Shelter is perceived to be the absolute minimum necessity for survival, and the humanitarian-industrial complex has for some time now attempted to redefine it in ever more detailed terms and conditions. Architecture, however, tends to be defined by shelter, if in no other way than as its excess.

Volume #46: Shelter is dedicated to the question: how can shelter be reformulated as a projective concept for architecture? On the occasion of the issue’s release, contributors to the publication are invited to address the complicated nature of shelter today and provide an operative definition for tomorrow.

Participants will include Nick Axel, Lluís Alexandre Casanovas Blanco, Vere van Gool, Joseph Grima, Lydia Kallipoliti, Ryan John King, Sean Monahan, and others

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