S’17 Mid Reviews

S’17 Mid Reviews_

Michael Oatman – “Living with Duchamp”

“Marcel Duchamp is considered the most influential artist of the 20th century, Pablo Picasso running a close second. While Picasso’s mastery and visual invention gave new life to traditional themes, he remained – save for his radical invention of Cubism with fellow painter Georges Braque – largely a classicist.

Students in this course [were] charged with designing the exhibition “Living With Duchamp,” opening in spring 2018. The exhibition will feature works by Duchamp and works by contemporary artists and musicians influenced by him.”

Michael Oatman, Associate Professor (description of vertical course objective)

Lonn Combs – “Robotic Materialisms”

“This research oriented design studio explore[s] the intersection of traditional craft and digital manipulation in the rising era of choreographed robotic making. Through a close scrutiny of the history of wood as a principle material of durable sustainable construction, the design research trajectory will seek to advance and hybridize agendas of wood construction to support a larger goal of developing sustainable material technologies and processes in architecture.

The studio aims to develop full-scale prototypes latent with broader applications in architecture and design.”

Lonn Combs, Assistant Professor (description of vertical course objective)

Brian De Luna – Final Project

Brian DeLuna, Lecturer


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