SoA design-build projects among the best worldwide

ArchDaily has highlighted two recent pavilions constructed by Rensselaer School of Architecture students. The pavilions are comprised of upcycled, organic materials and hold a great significant in a global context. These projects are a result of design-build studios led by Gustavo Crembil, Mae-Ling Lokko, Anna Dyson, Demetrios Comodromos and Josh Draper.

LINK: The Best Student Design-Build Projects Worldwide 2017

Please see full credits below:

Students: Melissa Donelly, Haley Hahn, Jenna Kulek, Miguel Lantigua, Flavia Macchiavello, Amy Masie, Briana McLoughlin, Alexander Rench, Elizabeth Robison, Abby Speight-Robitaille, Kristen Van Gilst, Benjamin Wojcik
Faculty: Gustavo Crembil, Mae-ling Lokko.
Funding: Rotch Foundation.

Students: Elijah Coley, Irina Matos, Vivian Mok, Amaory B. Portorreal, Kenta Posey, Sarah Reynolds, Cody Seipp, Allison Turner, Elaine Zhang, Simon Zhang.
Faculty (CASE): Demetrios Comodromos, Josh Draper, Mae-ling Lokko, Anna Dyson
Funding: Rotch Foundation, AMBIS Tech and CASE.


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