Klein & Leon [Brown’s Fellowship]

Talk: Mon Oct 2, Greene Gallery @6pm | Show: Oct 2-6, GR201


Emily Klein and Ivan Leon, student recipients of the Robert S. Brown Traveling Fellowship, will present a two-part exhibition on their recent travel experiences in the United States and abroad. The exhibition will be on display from October 2nd-6th in Greene 201.

The October 2nd presentation will begin at 6:00 pm in the Greene Gallery where both students will lecture about their experiences abroad followed by a reception at their shared exhibition space.

Emily Klein: Cryptoscapes: Topographies of Surveillance

“Whereas Berlin has a ‘topography of terror’ – lands previously home to the central institutions of Nazi persecution – places such as Washington D.C., Silicon Valley, Silicon Glen in Scotland, and London, England are instead home to topographies of intrigue. Since 9/11, these physical places have been reshaped alongside the mental reshaping of the Anglo-American psyche as it experienced a transformation characterized by fear. This fear is no longer of Reds but of aliens, illegal immigrants, Muslims, and outsiders against whom some people advocate deportation and the construction of a physical wall. This proposal aims not to debate the origins and merits of fear and the West’s War on Terror, but to observe the effects of these phenomena from the perspective of space. Cryptoscapes will expose and document the relationships between community, technology, and topography in each region.”

Ivan Leon: Devices of Communication: The Emergence of Medial Intervention in Architecture

“Media has become an ubiquitous term that has been used to refer to several mediums and modes of communication. The evolution of media in architecture from signage to an interactive and responsive new media is a symptom of the move towards the conscious interface between architecture and its inhabitants. The aim of this proposal is to explore these two instance of media – media as sign and media as interaction – in the architecture of New York City, Las Vegas, and Hamburg; places that have greatly influenced the origins and evolution of medially augmented architecture and are embracing interactive media as a civic ideal.”



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