M. Arch Advance Standing: Application Process

Master of Architecture
Advance Standing Application Process

The Master of Architecture graduate program allows students holding an undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Architecture or Technology in Architecture degree or an equivalent qualifying pre-professional degree to be considered for Advance Standing. Upon review of transcript and portfolio for equivalency including fulfillment of the associated NAAB Student Performance Criteria (SPC’s)[1] by the faculty led admissions committee, successful candidates may have the following design studios and digital constructs sequences waived without replacement:

  • ARCH 5200: Graduate Architecture Design 1 (5 credits) (SPC’s: A3, A4, A5, A6, A8, B1, B2)
  • ARCH 5160: Digital Constructs 1 (2 credits)
  • ARCH 5210: Graduate Architecture Design 2 (5 credits) (SPC’s A4, A5, A6, B2)
  • ARCH 5170: Digital Constructs 2 (2 credits)

[SPC = NAAB Student Performance Criteria. Please, see below]

The following courses in the first year curriculum will be considered for course equivalency including fulfillment of the associated NAAB SPC’s (see note 1) through a Course Equivalency Request approved by the teaching faculty and program director:


  • ARCH 5100: History, Theory, Criticism 1 (4 credits) (SPC’s: A7, A8)
  • ARCH 5140: Structures 1* (3 credits) (SPC: B5)
  • ARCH 5300: Material & Const. Systems (3 credits) (B7, B8)


  • ARCH 5110: History, Theory, Criticism 2 (4 credits) (SPC’s: A7, A8)
  • ARCH 5310: Environmental & Ecological Systems (4 credits) (SPC’s: B6)
  • ARCH 5330: Economics & Architecture (2 credits)

In some cases, additional courses may be considered for equivalency including fulfillment of the associated NAAB SPC’s (see note 1) through the Course Equivalency Request with approval from the teaching faculty member. The Master of Architecture curriculum consists of 5000 level professional level courses and 6000 level advanced graduate level courses. 6000 level courses are ineligible for consideration for Course Equivalency. For more information please refer to the Master of Architecture curriculum course catalog (link).

Please download the Course Equivalency Request form here (pdf, 300kb).

The Course Equivalency review process is an evaluation of the quality of the course work completed, it’s equivalency to the courses being considered for replacement based on the curricular goals specific to the Rensselaer Master of Architecture professional degree program and includes and evaluation of equivalency in the following 2009 NAAB Student Performance Criteria (SPC):

  • A.3: Investigative Skills
  • A.4: Architectural Design Skills,
  • A.5: Ordering Systems,
  • A.6: Use of Precedents,
  • A.7: History and Global Culture,
  • A.8: Cultural Diversity & Social Equity
  • B.1: Pre-Design,
  • B.2: Site Design,
  • B.5: Structural Systems,
  • B.6: Environmental Systems,
  • B.7: Building Envelope Systems and Assemblies,
  • B.8: Building Materials & Assemblies

[1]  NAAB SPC’s associated with these courses are also covered in required 2nd and/or 3rd year courses.


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