S’14 FP Review Dates

ARCHITECTURE IN THE EXPANDED FIELD: Final Project Directed Research Sequence [ARCH 4980 + 4990] REVIEW DATES | SPRING 2014. Final Project 1 + 2 [F2013 – S2014] Design Phase [Part I] Wednesday, March 5 12:00 – 6:00 Greene Gallery   LEITAO (w/Ngai) CREMBIL (w/Perry) Design Phase [Part II] Friday, March 7 12:00 – 6:00 Greene Gallery   […]

2014 Final Project & Thesis Award Review


Pianka Paul

ARCH-4980.2 | Jeremy Carvalho, Adjunct Professor SOCIAL INTEGRATION WITH INTERCONNECTIONS PIANKA PAUL The topography of Bangladesh is basically low-lying, flat alluvial land with an extensive network of rivers and channels. The total land area is 147, 570 sq km where 80% is flatland, and 20% land is 1 meter or less above sea level. Its geographical location makes […]

Liana Muresan

ARCH-4980.2 | Jeremy Carvalho, Adjunct Professor HYDROLANDSCAPE Collection and Growth of Natural Resources LIANA MURESAN The cold deserts of the Arctic Circle are dynamic, altering landscapes that undergo major season material changes and surface re-organizations. The various layers that make up the landscape differ in porosity and materiality, allowing them to be constantly restructuring themselves and causing […]

Travis Lydon

ARCH-4980.2 | Jeremy Carvalho, Adjunct Professor TROPHIC EXCHANGES The Modular Reefscape TRAVIS LYDON Focusing on this notion of aggregation and assembly, the provisional research into coral growth patterning has driven a large interest in adjacencies between modular components and the spatial potentials of modular juxtaposition. The trophic reef is the catalyst which informs the modular aggregation strategy, […]

Padraic Hegan

ARCH-4980.2 | Jeremy Carvalho, Adjunct Professor A FUTURE AFTER THE STORM PADRAIC HEGAN If the barrier of the human and the machine is porous, then certainly the connection between humans and architecture should be the same. By examining the current stock of urban environment, we are left with the question, “What does architecture need to do?”. I […]

Andrea Goldstein

ARCH-4980.2 | Jeremy Carvalho, Adjunct Professor URBAN FILTRATION Connecting Urbanism + Indigenous Ecosystems ANDREA  GOLDSTEIN The edge condition between land and water in dense urban environments is created to optimize buildable space with a sharp barrier. There is no variation between the ground and water, no connection to bridge the gap; a clear divide that creates two […]

Danielle Fleischmann

ARCH-4980.2 | Jeremy Carvalho, Adjunct Professor INJECTING LANDSCAPES DANIELLE FLEISCHMANN This ecological formation of the living and the mechanical cohesively to preserve all ecologies enhances an artificial growth that may have the appearance of a natural state of existence. The production of life is a dynamic force that can be utilized for unlimited sources of development. The […]

Rebecca Exley

ARCH-4980.2 | Jeremy Carvalho, Adjunct Professor A DESIRE FOR COLOR AND MOVEMENT Improved Educational Space REBECCA EXLEY This is an exploration about an adaptable system that generates immersive performance spaces with the ability to morph and change based on the user or performer inputs, or on preprogrammed configurations that correspond to the performance. Through the use of […]

Lindsey Dubas

ARCH-4980.2 | Jeremy Carvalho, Adjunct Professor Ter[RAIN] Re[CREATION] LINDSEY DUBAS Many non-human organisms within the desert have adapted themselves to live in the desert, while humans have adapted the desert to better fit their needs .For example, the cactus has a pleating pattern which collects and directs the flow of water, while the roots of the cactus […]


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