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NAAB  (12/16/15) Career Development Information Our School of Architecture provides a variety of opportunities for students to explore career paths, meet with prospective employers, and engage in internships: Rensselaer’s Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) offers comprehensive career planning and counseling to all students, including resume writing, successful interviewing techniques, and assistance with job […]

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FP_Perry 13-14

Final Project | Chris Perry, Assistant Professor GEOFUTURISM: ARCHITECTURE IN THE ANTHROPOCENE FP Students 2013-14 – Chris Perry Section We sow corn, we plant trees, we fertilize the soil by irrigation, we dam the rivers and direct them where we want.  In short, by means of our hands we try to create as it were a second […]

FP_Leitao / Keller 13-14

Final Project | Carla Leitao, Adjunct Professor + Ed Keller, Adjunct Professor PLANETOLOGY FP Students 2013-14 – Carla Leitao Section Architecture, often without realizing, has always been a planetary design problem not only through its ecological impact as a practice in the construction of environments – but also through its constant suggestion of an emerging synthesis that reconnects […]

FP_NGAI 13-14

Final Project | Ted Ngai, Lecturer FROM NANO TO ECOLOGICAL PART 3: ARCHITECTURE AND URBANISM IN THE PALEO-POLYMERGRAPHIC ERA. FP Students 2013-14 – Ted Ngai Section “The centralization of the means of production and the socialization of labor reach a point at which they become incompatible with their capitalist integument. This integument is burst asunder. The knell […]

FP_Crembil Section 13-14

Final Project | Gustavo Crembil, Assistant Professor MATERIAL MATTERS FP Students 2013-14 – Gustavo Crembil Section Edgard Degas: “I have a wonderful idea for a poem but I can’t see to work it out”. Stephane Mallarme: “My dear Edgard, poems are not made with ideas, they are made with words.”[1] Recent years have witnessed a veritable […]


GEOFUTURES (Post Professional Program in Architecture and Urbanism) CHRIS PERRY, Associate Professor Program Director Geofutures endeavors to convert crisis into opportunity by harnessing both the pressures of a planet at risk and the promise of emerging environmental technologies to generate a broad spectrum of possible, if not probable, urban and architectural futures for the twenty-first century. […]

2011F Design Studio Titus

Design Studio | Section Critic: Anthony Titus DESIGN STUDIO : Titus Section Selected Student Work ///

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XXXXXX Professor FirstName LastName Office: Greene Building, Room # XXXX Email: {email} Phone: {phone, optional} {PLEASE PROVIDE 3 IMAGES OF WORK TO CREATE LINKS TO FACULTY PORTFOLIO} Bio {SUBSTITUTE THIS PARAGRAPH WITH YOUR SHORT BIO, SUGGESTED LENGTH 200 WORDS} Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Cras rutrum aliquet ipsum, ac cursus justo condimentum […]

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ARCH-4980.3 | FacultyName, FacultyRank LOREM IPSUM DOLOR SIT AMET consectetur adipiscing elit STUDENT NAME Aenean hendrerit volutpat orci, nec bibendum purus scelerisque eu. Phasellus odio ante, placerat id egestas eget, condimentum ut ante. Nam in sollicitudin metus. Curabitur velit mauris, pulvinar non scelerisque venenatis, venenatis et arcu. Mauris ac eros felis. Nunc malesuada sagittis tincidunt. Nam elit […]


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