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Blast-Off! Discussion:

This semester’s Blast-Off! Career Development Chat will take place on Wednesday, February 24, from 6-7:30 p.m. in Room Greene 101. Professors Alexandra Rempel and Lonn Combs will talk about their career paths and discuss a variety of career and graduate school options available to you. This is an informal event and questions are encouraged. Pizza will be provided.
Please mark your calendars and be sure to attend!

Prof. Oksiuta: lecture and workshop at Michigan State Fri, 12 Feb 2016 02:53:53 +0000 Monday, Feb-15, 2016.

Professor Zbigniew Oksiuta will lecture at Michigan State University’s Department of Art, Art History, and Design as part of the Visiting Artist and Scholar Lecture Series. The following day, Oksiuta will also lead a workshop “in which participants will create dynamic, biological membranes.”

Zbigniew Oksiuta is an architect and artist experimenting with the possibility of designing biological structures. He studied at The Faculty of Architecture, The Warsaw University of Technology. Oksiuta concentrates on reducing his research of space to the very necessary minimum: to the physiological existence based primarily upon the verifiable physical and chemical parameters putting aside historical, social, urbanistic and aesthetic factors. His projects such as ‘Spatium Gelatum’ and ‘Breeding Space’ and ‘Space Garden’ examine new soft technologies and biological materials which enable the development of new kind of living habitat in the biosphere and in space.

His work has been shown at venues worldwide including the Venice Biennial 2004; the ArchiLab d’Orleans 2004; Ars Electronica Linz 2007, Biennale of Electronic Arts Perth, Australia 2007; Center for Contemporary Art Warsaw 2007; FACT Foundation for Arts and Creative Technology Liverpool 2008; Biannual for Electronic and Unstable Art, Stavanger, Norway 2008, Casino Luxembourg 2009, Casino Luxembourg 2009, Kapelica Gellery, Ljubljana, Slovenia 2010, Science Gallery, Dublin 2011.

He has lectured and presented his ideas at a number of universities, art and scientific institutions including: RWTH Technical University Aachen; National Gallery Warsaw; German Space Agency; Slade School of Art London; University of Westminster London; Architectural Association London; Pratt Institute New York; Faculty of Architecture Landscape and Design UofT Toronto; Southern California Institute of Architecture Los Angeles; Columbia University New York; The School of the Art Institute of Chicago; FACT Foundation for Arts and Creative Technology Liverpool; School of Art at Illinois State University, Normal; Marshall McLuhan Institute, Toronto; University of Bochum Germany; Rogaland School of Art Stavanger, Norway; Royal College of Art and AA Architectural Association, London; Muzeum Sztuki, Lodz, Poland, Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh, USA

In addition to his research, Professor Oksiuta has taught numerous vertical option studios at Rensselaer as well as in the second-year housing studio. He recently led the study abroad program in Rome (Fall 2015) and currently teaches in the Integrated Design Schematic studio along with Professors Lonn Combs (coordinator) and Ted Ngai

Zbigniew Oksiuta, photo: Albert Zawada / Agencja Gazeta



Career Development Wed, 10 Feb 2016 08:55:12 +0000 NAAB  (12/16/15)

Career Development Information

Our School of Architecture provides a variety of opportunities for students to explore career paths, meet with prospective employers, and engage in internships:

  • Rensselaer’s Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) offers comprehensive career planning and counseling to all students, including resume writing, successful interviewing techniques, and assistance with job seeking.  For more information, see
  • The School of Architecture hosts a licensing/NCARB event annually to ensure that students have important information pertaining to their professional development.  This year’s event was held October 22, 2015, and featured a presentation by Harry Falconer, AIA, NCARB; and Robert Lopez, an alumnus and registered architect.  (
  • The School of Architecture’s Annual Career Fair is held in Spring semester, bringing representatives from some 30 firms to campus to meet with our students.  These companies often have job openings and also are seeking interns, summer workers, or offering co-op experiences.
  • In 2013, Dean Evan Douglis established Blast<Off: Career Development Chats Initiative, a program held once each semester to bring together two faculty who talk informally with students about their career paths, educational journeys, etc., during a pizza supper.   (
  • Students in our program receive career guidance from their faculty advisors, and also from the faculty who teach them.  Since ours is a fairly small school, the faculty and students know each other well and have ample opportunity to interact.  Additionally, internships and job openings are posted on our website (
  • Our student organizations (AIAS, NOMAS and the Dean’s Student Advisory Council) have created a “Positions Series” that brings approximately 6 practitioners to campus on Saturdays during each semester.  The practitioners talk with students formally and informally about careers, opportunities, job-hunting strategies, portfolio development, etc.  (
  • The 10-12 guest lecturers per year, who come to campus as part of our renowned Architecture Lecture Series curated by Dean Evan Douglis, are expected to have a luncheon with select undergraduates to talk about careers, and then are scheduled for “Coffee and Conversation” with our graduate students who typically discuss career development strategies with our lecturers.
Spring 2016 Lecture Series Wed, 10 Feb 2016 01:34:15 +0000 LECTURE SERIES (SPRING 2016).

Admission is FREE. All lectures start 6:00pm at EMPAC / The Curtis R. Priem Experimental Media + Performing Arts Center . 110 8th Street, Troy NY 12180.


Kallipoliti exhibition at Storefront for Art & Architecture Thu, 04 Feb 2016 00:48:23 +0000 Opening: Feb. 16th, 7pm


Storefront for Art & Architecture – 97 Kenmare Street, Manhattan.
Exhibition: Feb 17 – April 9, 2016.

Assistant Professor Lydia Kallipoliti will launch her Closed Worlds exhibition at the Storefront for Art and Architecture on Tuesday, February 16th. Closed Worlds will exhibit an archive of 41 historical living prototypes built over the last century that present an unexplored genealogy of closed resource regeneration systems. The exhibition will also feature the virtual reality ecosystem Some World Games, by Farzin Farzin, a contemporary 42nd prototype selected as the winner of the Closed Worlds Design Competition hosted by Storefront in November 2015 and will be on display until April. Undergraduate students Catherine Walker (B.Arch), Royd Zhang (B.Arch), Miguel Lantigua-Inoa (B.Arch), and graduate students Emily Estes (M.Arch), Chendru Starkloff (M.Arch) served as research assistants for Closed Worlds.

About Closed Worlds

What do outer space capsules, submarines, and office buildings have in common? Each was conceived as a closed system: a self-sustaining physical environment demarcated from its surroundings by a boundary that does not allow for the transfer of matter or energy.

The history of twentieth century architecture, design, and engineering has been strongly linked to the conceptualization and production of closed systems. As partial reconstructions of the world in time and in space, closed systems identify and secure the cycling of materials necessary for the sustenance of life. Contemporary discussions about global warming, recycling, and sustainability have emerged as direct conceptual constructs related to the study and analysis of closed systems.

From the space program to countercultural architectural groups experimenting with autonomous living, Closed Worlds documents a larger disciplinary transformation and the rise of a new environmental consensus in the form of a synthetic naturalism, where the laws of nature and metabolism are displaced from the domain of wilderness to the domain of cities and buildings. While deriving from a deeply rooted fantasy of architecture producing nature, Closed Worlds integrates these ideas into the very fabric of reality in our contemporary cities and buildings.

Closed Worlds: Encounters That Never Happened

On Saturday, February 27th, Storefront and The Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture of The Cooper Union will jointly present a public conference, Closed World: Encounters That Never Happened. Presenters and discussants will engage in debate and discussion on the history and future of closed systems in architecture and design. Participants include such luminaries as Reyner Banham, Buckminster Fuller, Jacques Cousteau, Victor Olgyay, Ray and Charles Eames, Walt Disney, Peter Van Dresser, Hans Hollein, and John McHale.


[Recent Lecture] Maurice Cox, Detroit Planning Director Sun, 24 Jan 2016 16:40:02 +0000 Monday Feb- 01, 6PM @ EMPAC:

Maurice Cox, Planning Director City of Detroit_

Maurice Cox, a nationally respected community designer and leader of the public interest design movement, is planning director for the city of Detroit. Prior to moving to Michigan, he was director of Tulane City Center and associate dean for Community Engagement at the Tulane University School of Architecture in New Orleans.

Cox studied at Cooper Union in New York and previously held a faculty position at the University of Virginia. A co-founder of the national SEED (Social, Economic, Environmental, Design) Network, Cox served as design director of the National Endowment for the Arts in Washington, DC from 2007-2010. In that capacity, he led the Mayor’s Institute on City Design, the Governor’s Institute on Community Design, and oversaw the award of more than $2 million a year in NEA design grants across the United States.

Cox served as city council member and then mayor of the City of Charlottesville from 1996-2004. During his mayoral term the city was ranked as the “#1 Best Place to Live in the USA & Canada” by Frommer’s Cities Ranked and Rated and was also the smallest city in America to maintain a AAA-bond rating for excellence in fiscal management. Under Cox’s leadership, Charlottesville completed several large projects, including the passage of an award-winning zoning ordinance in support of mixed-use, pedestrian-oriented development; new infill residential neighborhoods and mixed-income, higher-density housing; and the design of a two-mile, federally funded parkway entrance into the city.

Cox has received national acclaim for his ability to incorporate active citizen participation into the design process while achieving the highest quality of design excellence, leading Fast Company magazine to name him one of America’s “20 Masters of Design” for his practice of “democratic design.”


First Day of School Tue, 11 Oct 2011 00:15:13 +0000 “Architecture is situated at a unique moment in history where a convergence of global interests demand that our discipline responds in a critical and innovative manner… ” (Evan Douglis, Dean)

2014F_CASE_Comodromos Studio Wed, 27 Jan 2016 22:50:36 +0000 ARCH 4240/4250/4260/4360 (CASE) | Demetrios Comodromos, Lecturer

CASE Center for Architecture, Science, and Ecology

Selected Student Work:

Will Dorgan

Alexandria Fournier

Smruti Keshani

Chendru Starkloff


2014F_Design Development Thu, 28 Jan 2016 21:54:19 +0000 ARCH 4240/50/60 | Ted Krueger, Associate Professor & Ajmal Aqtash, Adjunct Professor

Design Development

Selected Student Work:

Graham Billings & Martice Tucker

Dillon Webster & Keegan Wilson

Cloud Huai & John Lea

Ryan Kresser & Elizabeth Sammartino


Urban Swales in Dry Futures – Archinect Mon, 21 Dec 2015 14:55:30 +0000 Geofutures_Urban-Swales_4

Geofutures MArch II program/student project featured in the December issue of Inside Rensselaer. The featured project, which placed second in the speculative category of the Dry Futures competition sponsored by Archinect, is called Urban Swales and was the culmination of a year’s worth of research and design work by recent MArch II graduate Ahmad Khan, with guidance from various Geofutures faculty.

Visit the Inside Rensselaer article for more information.