Final Project

ARCH 4980

Final Project: Directed Research Sequence

2013-14 Final Project Sections:

(*) Final Project Coordinator

The Final Project course sequence enables fifth-year undergraduate students to design and develop an independent studio project over the course of two consecutive semesters. Designed to support directed research, the curriculum provides both conceptual and creative guidance while allowing students more autonomy than is typical of an advanced design studio.

Led by individual design critics, each studio section in Final Project provides students with a specific thematic framework through which to develop a semi-independent research and design proposal. While each studio section is markedly different from one another in terms of their designated thematic framework, including topics as diverse as Techno-Futurism, Biocultural Diversity, and Metabolic Urbanism, they share a common interest in and reliance upon external disciplinary, technological, and cultural influences to inform the creative process of design and by extension, advance the discipline of architecture into new territories of exploration and discovery. To this extent, the Final Project course sequence engages what might be thought of as an expanded field of design research, an interdisciplinary approach to architecture that seeks to situate the discipline within broader technological as well as cultural phenomena.

2012-13 Final Project Sections:

2011-12 Final Project Sections:


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