S’2014 Digital Wokshop

Starts Wed Feb 6th, 2PM DCC330 & 6PM @ DCC308


This Spring the school have scheduled a series workshops in which outside experts will come to Architecture | Rensselaer and teach a particular technique or skill. These workshops will run on Wednesdays and Thursdays.


  • STUDENTS FROM ALL LEVELS ARE WELCOME AND ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND. This is a great opportunity to learn from instructors that are experts in their particular field.
  • FIRST AND SECOND YEARS ARE REQUIRED TO ATTEND. On workshops days, it will replace studio’s digital instruction. Studio instructors will divide their studio in halfs, with one half attending the workshops on Wednesdays and the other half attending on Thursdays. You will attend studio on the day that you are not attending the workshop.  Please refer to your studio instructor to find out which days you should attend.
  • The workshops will run from 2-5pm and 6-9pm each day, you must attend the entire workshop.  One workshop is on a Saturday and Sunday and will run from 10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm.

Bring your laptops to all workshops!  For the first workshop you are required to have Rhino5 and Grasshopper .9 installed on your computer. The latest version of grasshopper can be downloaded here.


BRIAN RINGLEY | Flip Milling Fabrication – Students will design and fabricate a milled prototype using double-sided milling techniques

  • Wed Feb 12: 2-5pm DCC330, 6-9pm DCC308
  • Thurs Feb 13: 2-5pm JEC 3117, 6-9pm DCC308

EZIO BLASETTI | Introduction to Python scripting – Looping, recursion, logic of computation

  • Sat Feb 22: 10am-1pm DCC337, 2pm-5pm DCC337
  • Sun Feb 23: 10am-1pm DCC337, 2pm-5pm DCC337

SHEENA GARCIA | Image Composition, Lighting, Rendering, Post-Production

  • Wed March 26: 2-5pm DCC324, 6-9pm DCC308
  • Thurs March 27: 2-5pm Heffner Alumni House(*), 6-9pm DCC308
    (*) conference room downstairs

Robert Brackett | Mill and 3D Printing integration

  • Wed April 2: 2-5pm DCC324, 6-9pm DCC308
  • Thurs April 3: 2-5pm Heffner Alumni House(*), 6-9pmDCC308
    (*) conference room downstairs

TBD | Physical Computing and Maya Dynamics

  • Wed April 23: 2-5pm DCC324, 6-9pm DCC308
  • Thurs April 24: 2-5pm JEC3117, 6-9pm DCC308


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