Pyatt & van Meerbeke [Browns Presentation]

SHOW: Mar 2-6, GR 201; TALK: Wed. Mar 4th,  Greene Gallery @ 6:00 pm

From March 2nd-6th, the two-part exhibition of recent Robert S. Brown Traveling Fellowship recipients Will Pyatt and Andrew van Meerbeke will be on display at the Greene Building.

The March 4th presentation will begin at 6:00 pm in the Greene Gallery, where both students will lecture about their experiences abroad followed by a reception at their shared exhibition space.

Will Pyatt: Architecture & the State

“Architecture is a form of politics … [it] does make political statements.”

                – Peter Eisenman

“The investigation is not intended to fetishize the taboo of the architect and culture of its time, but rather examine how the projects exist in a modern context and how the stigma of the constructor has shaped an understanding of its use.”

Andrew van Meerbeke: Interventions on the Built World

“I will explore contemporary interventions in Berlin, Verona, and Barcelona, in order to study the phenomenology of history and the way in which layers of construction chronicle a story about a sublime space, exploding and expanding one’s view of history. This sort of study could and should become a part of young architect’s education when growing up in a primarily-built world.”



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