F16 Positions Series : What is Architectural Research?

Thursday, October 13th, 6:20pm

“What is Architectural Research?”

On Thursday, October 13th, 2016 the student-coordinated discussions series at Rensselaer, Positions Series, will host “What is Architectural Research?,” with guest speakers Parker Bunce (B. Arch ’14), Shane Gavitt (B. Arch ’15), and Chendru Starkloff (M. Arch ’16) The presentations will be followed by a round-table discussion.

“What is Architectural Research?” poses the following:

What is architectural/design research? Recent years has witnessed the rise of research studios and seminars within many schools of architecture. This seemingly newfound interest presents significant sifts and positions in architectural pedagogy and the production of knowledge: an unmistakable break away from independent as well as traditional thesis studios in favor of a gravitation towards research as a viable mode of investigation. What is FP? invites recent Final Project participants Parker Bunce (B. Arch ‘14), Shane Gavitt (B. Arch ‘15), and Chendru Starkloff (M. Arch ‘16) to share their projects as well as reflect on research in this initial discussion on the prospects of research in architecture and design.

Please email any questions about this event to positions.series.rpi.soa@gmail.com

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