Oksiuta at Biological Art Residency, University at Buffalo

Lecturer Zbigniew Oksiuta‘s project ‘New Soil – New Building Material’ has been sponsored by Coalesce, a hybrid studio laboratory dedicated to enabling hands-on creative engagement with the tools and technologies of the life sciences, based at the University at Buffalo.

With Solan Morse of GEM (Genome, Environment and Microbiome at UB), the aim of Oksiuta’s work is to create complex conditions and construct tools (bio-membranes, 3D Petri-Dish, bioreactors, and mini biospheres) to generate biological experiences: the growth of living objects and spaces. The project for ‘New Soil-New Building Material’ concentrates on the development of biologically active gels which are the growth medium and also the structural building material, strong enough to create 3D objects and membranes at a large scale. This substance is biologically active, and should enable cultivation of organisms on its surface and in its interior.

Coalesce sponsors several Biological Art residencies per academic year, providing residents with technical support and access to laboratory equipment, materials and supplies, and the opportunity to work closely with a scientific advisor.

For more information on Oksiuta’s project and other Coalesce residency projects, please visit:




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