Yael Erel exhibition at Cornell University

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Lecturer Yael Erel is presenting “a spatial laboratory amplifying minuscule conditions into otherworldly light drawings.”

Feb 27 – Mar 17 2017  @ Cornell AAP, John Hartell Gallery.
Closing Reception+ Artist Talk – Mar 17th at 5PM. 


Light Topographies

A spatial laboratory amplifying minuscule conditions into otherworldly light drawings. 

Like entering a spatial microscope, micro topographies are revealed through a simple act of reflection. This immersive installation is grounded in direct physical phenomena, challenging the limits of our perception. Though we understand that a surface contains micro-scale events we cannot easily detect with the naked eye, when they are transcribed through reflection they seem otherworldly and alive. The installation uses light as a projectional drawing device at the scale of architecture. The light drawings are a system composed of a light source, reflector and the surface on which the drawings register. Inextricably linking the drawing to its projection. Light and sound here interact similarly to how they would at the oceanside; their correlation is too complex to follow but is readily perceived. They address the multi-modal nature of human perception. Light and sound are intertwined, serving to draw visitors into the wonder and complexity inherent in the simple, physical patterns being transcribed. 


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