Rozana Montiel [Recent Lecture]

Wed Oct 30th – EMPAC Theater:

ROZANA MONTIEL: “Inhabiting Different Species of Spaces”_

Rozana Montiel is a Mexican designer and founder of Estudio de Arquitectura, a Mexico-based interdisciplinary firm that focuses on architectural design, artistic re-conceptualizations of space, and the public domain. Her current research includes developing theories in housing, public spaces, and the potential or mobility in cities.

Estudio de Arquitectura has recently won the “Overall Award” and placed first in the “Moving” category by the Archmarathon Awards, Miami (2017). Rozana Montiel has also personally been nominated as one of the three architects for the Schelling Architecture Foundation Prize Germany (2016), winner of the category Best Architectural intervention of the year, by Premios CDMX (2016) and the Emerging Voices Award for The Architectural League of New York (2016), etc. Most recently, Montiel has received the Moira Gemmill Prize for Emerging Architecture (2017).

Her interdisciplinary work has been published in renowned architectural digests, as well as exhibited in Mexico, Spain, France, Germany, United States, England and China. Her work  has also been presented in the Sao Paolo, Venice, Rotterdam and Lima biennials. She presented the project “Walk the Line” in the Venice Biennale in 2016.

For more information and images on Rozana Montiel’s work, visit her firm’s official website linked below.


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