Minors in Architecture (Acoustics, Lighting)

Minor Programs

A minor consists of an approved 16-credit program. The School of Architecture offers minor options for both School of Architecture students and students majoring in other Rensselaer programs. These options are described below.

 Architectural History Minor

The minor in architectural history is open to all Rensselaer students interested in the history of architecture as a sociocultural phenomenon that examines architecture as a cultural artifact. Students who wish to obtain a minor in architectural history must receive approval of their course selections from the program adviser.

The courses required are:

  • ARCH2110 The Building and Thinking of Architecture 1
  • Upper division architectural history courses.

Architectural Acoustics Minor

The minor in architectural acoustics is open to all Rensselaer students interested in advanced study focusing on the optimization of acoustical quality of performance spaces and other aurally sensitive environments.  After completing the minor, the student will be well prepared for an entry level position dealing with acoustics issues in architectural practice, in acoustical consulting, or as a preparation for graduate studies in acoustics, for example in the Graduate Program in Architectural Acoustics at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. The program consists of 16 credits. Efficiency in Calculus I is necessary to comprehend the basics of architectural acoustics. Approval required by director of program.

The courses required are:

Lighting Minor

The minor in lighting gives students the awareness and the confidence to extend their creative work through controlled use of light. The program covers human responses to light, both visual and non-visual, and the means by which light is produced and controlled. Interactions of light with form, texture, and color are examined in the contexts of daylight, electric lighting, and their integration.

The courses required are:

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