Grade Appeal Process


  1. Before Formally bringing an appeal, the student is asked to:
      • Discuss the matter fully with the instructor to understand reason for grade given
      • Believe firmly that the grade is not an accurate measure of performance and that he/she has been wronged.
      • Write a letter to the Dean stating the reasons why a grade change should be considered.
      • Meet with the Dean who determines, if complaint is valid, to initiate the appeals procedure
  2. The Dean identifies faculty members (three in the case of design studio appeals; two faculty member otherwise) who are familiar with the work of the course but who were not involved in teaching the student for the course in question.
  3. For design studio appeals, the Chair of Undergraduate Programs arranges a session in which:
      • The student posts the work of the studio
      • The studio instructor presents the syllabus, objectives of the course and basis for the grade (the three reviewers and the Dean are present)
      • The student presents (10-20 minutes) his/her understanding of the studio objectives and how he/she believes the work has met the objectives. (the three reviewers and the Dean are present)
      • After the respective presentations, the reviewers make a recommendation to the Dean. They may recommend any grade, including one which is lower than that originally given.
  4. For non-studio appeals, the Dean collects student work from the course and shares it, along with the instructor’s stated objectives, with the faculty reviewers and asks for a recommendation.
  5. The Dean considers the recommendation and makes a decision. If it is to change the grade, the course instructor is asked to make the change. If the instructor refuses to do so, the Dean will make the change.
  6. If not satisfied with the Dean’s Decision, the student may continue the appeal with the Faculty Board on appeals as described in the RENSSELAER HANDBOOK – See page 11, Section: Faculty Academic Board.


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